Thank you for visiting my website, a little about me.
I am not a professional photographer, quite the contrary, I am young at heart and a retired keen amateur living in Cambridgeshire. With my extra leisure time photography is becoming my passion, a great source of inspiration and pure joy - as well as giving me plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Like many photographers I am my own worst critic and always keen to improve my results, photography for me is a pleasure, and I enjoy the fact there is always something to learn, and I enjoy the challenges and the hours of practise. When I go on holiday or visit somewhere new part of the enjoyment for me is the photography, I think unfamiliar surroundings can be a great inspiration. I take many photos, some good, some not so good, but I hope I learn and improve as I go along.

Technical Information :

I use a Canon EOS 77D Digital SLR with Canon and Tamron lens. I use Hoya polarising and neutral density filters. I also use my iPhone and Canon PowerShot SX50HS when I am walking a lot as its light to carry.

If I feel an image needs enhancing in some way, I use Adobe Elements, but I strive to get the image right in camera rather than spending time in front of the computer therefore the post-image processing is minimal.

This website is an example of some of my work and I hope you will find your visit enjoyable. I am building it myself and with no experience and self teaching as I go along, hopefully it will change as I develop new ideas (and 'translate' the user manual!).

Thank you for your interest.

All images are (c) copyright of Elizabeth Swann Photography